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High Efficiency/Low Emission Burners & Combustion Controls

Gauge iconBuilding owners and operators who need additional and more efficient boiler generating capacity face a number of legal, political, environmental, economic, and technical challenges. The Mechanical Services keys to success with our clients has us mutually selecting  an appropriately sized low-emission boiler and combustion equipment that can be operated in compliance with emission standards established by state and federal regulatory agencies.

Recognizing that many issues are involved in making informed equipment selection decisions, clients can count on Mechanical Services to develop selection options for use in choosing multi-fuel, low-emission boilers and combustion equipment. The Mechanical Services design team evaluates a broad range of technical and regulatory issues of particular interest to the commercial boiler industry, including standards developed by the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA), the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Mechanical Services evaluates numerous high efficiency/low emission boiler burners and combustion controls and pairs that data with the fuels that they burn and the emissions that they produce. Mechanical Services designs and retrofits boiler burner and control systems with deep regard for emissions standards and compliance issues, technical details related to emissions control techniques, and other important boiler burner control and sizing selection considerations.

Mechanical Services works with a variety of end-users including building owners, operators, plant managers, and design engineers who are involved in selecting low-emission boilers and combustion equipment that comply with established emissions requirements. Mechanical Services always regards boiler system energy efficiency while keeping in mind the emission issues and boiler permit applications required as part of any new or retrofit installation.

Although many factors must be considered when selecting a low-emission boiler and combustion equipment, the final choice should not be made until the performance of the complete system is evaluated and understood. You can count on the experts at Mechanical Services to provide a comprehensive evaluation, professional design and installation of high efficiency/low emission burners and controls suited to your needs.

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