Commercial Heating Systems Design, Sales & Service

Mechanical Services takes pride in being one of the only commercial heating contractors which can install, service and repair all types of heating and fuel systems and all sizes of equipment. We have the expertise to work on equipment that may be 100 years old or brand new. And we have the service manuals for most of the equipment in use today.

Heating Systems Designed for Your Building’s Needs

To successfully operate buildings today we must understand the complex interaction of all of the building’s systems. Adjustments and modifications to one system will usually impact the operation of other building systems. This, in turn, impacts building comfort and energy consumption. Each system is an integral part of the operation of a building. To keep your building healthy the overall picture must be understood. Our team of engineers and technicians can help you design the heating system that’s right for your building’s needs and existing systems.

Proudly partnering with the world’s best heating efficiency and combustion controls brands:

Regular heating systems maintenance can save you money – here are some of the steps we take:

  • Clean and overhaul your fuel-fired boiler or furnace. Less soot means more efficiency.
  • Check operating controls and safety devices annually.
  • Inspect systems for damage and leakage.
  • Clean the coils in heating and air conditioning systems to maximize system capacity and efficiency.
  • Inspect ducts and piping for missing or damaged insulation.
  • Adjust temperature and humidity setpoints seasonally.
  • Check for obstructions that block air flow around radiators, intakes and diffusers.
  • Replace air filters to improve efficiency and air quality.
  • Analyze equipment repairs.

Licensed Technicians

All our licensed technicians have the required State of Maine licenses, oil-all grades and capacities, propane, natural gas, and we meet or exceed OSHA regulations on all cleanings. We know how critical it can be to your business to have a piece of heating systems equipment down. That is why we constantly update and educate our staff. We value both your employees’ and guests’ health and your air quality! In the State of Maine, technicians must be licensed to clean boilers, chimneys and the ducting that connects them.

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