Case Study: The Aroostook County Medical Center

Innovative Heating System Technology Delivers Energy Savings and Cost Efficiency

The Aroostook County Medical Center (TAMC) is the largest hospital in Maine’s northernmost county, serving over 2,000 inpatient and long-term admissions per year* plus more than 30,000 emergency and primary care patients. People in northern Maine depend on TAMC, and the medical center depends on reliable heating and cooling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Five years ago, during a time when health care expenses were skyrocketing, the hospital undertook a two-phased, energy saving and fuel conversion project in order to cut costs. The first phase was to replace its aging heating system burners with state-of-the-art Limpsfield burners and Autoflame® burner controls.

The new burners were, in and of themselves, an energy-savings upgrade, but the installation of the Limpsfield brand also allowed the medical center to use multiple types of fuel. Mechanical Services, Inc. was TAMC’s partner for the project.

“Originally, we recommended Limpsfield burners with an Autoflame control system to help TAMC reduce their consumption of #2 fuel oil, and the initial project helped them decrease oil usage by 10%,” reports Mechanical Services president Chris Green. “In the second phase we worked with them to convert their systems to compressed natural gas (CNG), which was less expensive than #2 oil at the time.” See TAMC’s full Energy Savings Report.

“Because Limpsfield systems can fire up to four different fuel types at the flick of a switch,” adds Chris Green, “TAMC can use their new system to burn the most cost efficient fuels at any time.”

Aroostook County Medical Center was the first facility in the state – and only the second in the country – to convert to compressed natural gas for heating and cooling. Sylvia Getman, president and CEO of the hospital, said, “The switch [to compressed natural gas] promised to reduce TAMC’s fuel costs significantly.” The conversion also had a positive impact on the environment. Getman continues, “This not only makes sound economic sense and helps us advance our mission, but allows us to greatly reduce our carbon footprint and makes our organization a much better steward of the environment.”

With annual savings projected between $400,000 and $500,000, the hospital’s return on investment was expected in less than one year.

Benefits of a Limpsfield Burner with Autoflame Energy Management Controls

  • Efficiently manages energy consumption by more accurately controlling the combustion process
  • Reduces burner fuel consumption and costs
  • Lowers harmful emissions
  • Easy to monitor and control
  • Able to burn multiple types of fuel for maximum cost effectiveness
  • Can be used with any burner

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* FY2014 data