HVAC/R, Energy Management and Preventive Maintenance for commercial and industrial facilities, religious and educational institutions, offices and government buildings.

You know the impact energy savings can have on your bottom line. Improving the efficiency of your building can generate tremendous savings, and make it more comfortable — safer, too. At Mechanical Services you’ll get the technical expertise and service you need to save money AND improve your heating and cooling efficiency.

We specialize in custom solutions, whether it’s making your existing system work harder or helping your business take advantage of new energy sources.

It all begins with a phone call. Let’s get started.

Focus: Federal Facility

We design and install high-efficiency HVAC and building management systems for mission-critical operations. This facility must run without fail 24/7, 365 days a year. Because it is located in far northern Maine, where the weather is the most extreme in the state, we designed a system that is 100% redundant, including a highly sophisticated control system.

Intelligently designed and carbon-free, this whole facility only uses as much energy
as a 5hp motor.

Focus: Religious Institutions

In recent years many of Maine’s religious institutions have recognized the need to substantially reduce their energy costs, especially in winter. We design systems that help them achieve major savings on all utilities, including oil, gas and electric. Many of these buildings contain vast open spaces. The buildings are often older and present special challenges. This calls for innovative solutions.

Focus: Supermarket Chains / Convenience Stores

Refrigeration is essential to food businesses of every size, from major supermarket chains to neighborhood convenience stores — delis and florists, too. And because refrigeration operates 24/7, even the smallest savings add up. We recently installed new energy-efficient refrigeration for one of Maine’s leading supermarkets and dramatically reduced their energy costs. We also installed high-efficiency LED lighting that showcases their product beautifully. Our specialized licensed technicians can do the same for your chillers and coolers.

We can also provide preventive maintenance to ensure your systems run at peak efficiency. Plus we help you access valuable state and federal rebates and introduce you to the newest refrigeration controls.

Focus: Limited Space Challenge

Small space requirements are no problem for our engineers. We develop smart, space-efficient solutions for every kind of HVAC installation. That means you have more room for your business, whether you want more square footage for rental or selling space, or to accommodate your own operations or storage. We apply our efficiently engineered designs to everything from retrofits to new construction.

Focus: Medical Centers

People in northern Maine depend on the Aroostook Medical Center. And the medical center depends on reliable heating and cooling 24/7. The boilers at the Presque Isle hospital run non-stop 365 days a year, so efficiency is critical. We designed and installed new high-efficiency systems that feature three Limpsfield burners paired with Auto Flame combustion controls. Together, they make up the most efficient system anywhere — with savings to match. Plus we designed this state-of-the-art system to run on either oil or gas. As the market changes, the hospital can easily convert and capture lower fuel costs — stat!

With these Limpsfield burners, WE GUARANTEE THE SAVINGS. IN WRITING. No one else makes this promise. That’s healthy savings you can count on, all year long.

Focus: Green Energy Solutions

Discover the advantages of Maine’s most reliable energy sources: solar, geothermal, air to air heat pumps, air to water heat pumps, and more. Our solutions are practical and affordable. We know the technology. And our licensed engineers and technicians are skilled at designing, specifying, and installing the most advanced solutions so that you get the maximum benefit. Our experience includes this seven-building solar installation for a government housing project.

Why continue to depend on imported energy when you can tap into the energy sources we have right here in Maine?

Focus: Convention and Civic Centers

We address every kind of heating and cooling emergency — fast — even at the largest event venues. When the Augusta Civic Center, in Maine’s capital, lost cooling in advance of a major show, we installed a portable chiller within 24 hours. Our team worked through the night to ensure that all systems were fully operational on the 100-ton system. We can also supply boilers within 24 hours or less.

Our chiller and boiler rental service offers 24/7 delivery and support, start-up service, operator training and turnkey installation — so the show can always go on.

Focus: Green Energy from the deep blue sea

Southern Maine Community College in South Portland is known for its historic Fort Preble buildings, 19th century lighthouse and beautiful oceanfront setting. Because it is situated on Casco Bay, the College’s Lighthouse Building was a natural for a heating and cooling system using energy from the sea. Mechanical Services created an innovative solution using readily available seawater, and installed it for optimum energy-saving efficiency. The result is a highly successful ZERO-EMISSIONS building. It uses no oil or gas at all, so this college building runs clean and green.

How smart is that?

Focus: Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance program can minimize surprises, lower your energy costs, and extend the life of your equipment by addressing problems before they occur. Even systems that are 20, 30, or 40 years old can be maintained to run efficiently.

Whether it’s HVAC or commercial refrigeration, our licensed technicians have the training and technology to keep your systems running efficiently and help avoid costly failures.

Focus: Here’s to Your Business

Our team of experienced engineers and licensed technicians can design energy-efficient solutions for businesses of every size. And every kind. We installed piping, refrigeration systems, coolers and filtration that are helping one of the state’s most iconic breweries expand its business. Whether you have a large manufacturing facility or emerging enterprise, we offer smart, cost-effective solutions that maximize your vision and your business’s opportunities for growth.